WEBSITE CREATOR will no longer be supported

Website Creator is a drag-and-drop website design tool. The version supported in our legacy hosting solution was outdated, and will no longer be accessible in your new hosting portal.  

Some functionality related to the Website Creator will no longer work once your account is updated, and you will lose access to content, images and the ability to edit your existing Website Creator website.  

Our new hosting plans come with an improved website design tool, Online Presence Builder. Using Online Presence Builder, anyone can design a beautiful, mobile-friendly website in minutes.  

We recommend saving your website content and any images you uploaded before 22nd August. As of August 22, you will have access to Online Presence Builder to create a modern, new website.

Watch a video on Online Presence Builder

Online Presence Builder

Email and Web Hosting

Email and Web Hosting

Your email and hosting services will continue to run as they are today, but are not yet visible in your Easily control panel. We aim to allow you to administer these services within the next couple of weeks.

If you have an Easily email product, your email account(s) will automatically be upgraded to 5GB of storage.

New Webmail

Your Webmail has also been upgraded to include useful new features such as calendars, social posting, calendar and contact sharing, task management, auto-responders and more.

     Webmail is a simple online email client to send, receive and manage your email account(s), available at no cost to all email users. Log in now to take a tour of your new Webmail!

You will now need to access your Webmail at a new URL:    


New Email Settings

If you are using a third-party email client such as Microsoft Outlook or MacMail, you will need to update  your email settings to the below: 

Username: Your email address

Incoming/POP/IMAP mail server:

Outgoing/SMTP mail server: 

SMTP Port: 1025 

IMAP Port: 143 

POP Port: 110 

Please also ensure your outgoing mail server authentication is enabled.

If you need to use secure mail settings, they are : - 

SMTP Port: 465
IMAP Port: 993

POP Port: 995



 If you haven't already reset your FTP details via this portal, your existing FTP credentials will not work. You will need to create new FTP users within your Portal. To create new users:

  1. Login to (select My Account/Login)
  2. Select Web Apps > FTP
  3. Follow on screen instructions to create and save users

FTP Login:

Host: Your domainname.tld

User: Your domainname.tld or user.domainname.tld

Password: is what you set within FTP Manager

Database Updates


The naming convention for any configured database may have changed. To view your database information: 

  1. Login to (select My Account/Login)
  2. Select Web Apps > Database > MySQL Manager

Database Login:

Username: Find in MySQL Manager

Password: That you set within MySQL Manager 


Your new account with Easily


Welcome to your new portal at Easily. We hope you like it, and do look out for new products that will be offered soon. You are now able to log in to the Easily portal below using your existing Easily username by the link we sent you via E-mail, or use the “Forgot Password” link. 

Please note: Due to hightened security on our new platform, we will ask you to reset your password the first time you login.

New easily portal

Why can't I login to my new account?


You will be able to log in using your current account username. If you have forgotten your logins, no worries, just follow the Forgotten Password instructions.

What will happen with my existing products and services?


Your existing products and services within the account have been mapped to our new portal. We have also upgraded your existing services at no extra cost. 

What new products and services are available with Easily?


We are now offering you a website and eCommerce creator, professional web design services, monthly billing and auto renewals, and logo design to name a few.

Who do I contact when I need customer support?


We have bolstered our customer and technical support. We now offer email and Telephone support. Online chat is coming soon.

0800 072 6118 

Please note the following updates for your DNS records

 If your domain name is pointed elsewhere, you may need to update your MX records.


MX records:





Zone file records:





How will you handle domain name disputes?

 Easily and our registrar Ascio will handle all disputes that require registrar involvement. We are particularly careful and cautious when handling any domain(s) related takedown demands and will always coordinate with our legal department before making any decisions. 

Making Payments

 You will now be able to enjoy new payment options such as being able to save your credit/debit card details to enable automatic domain and service renewals if you wish.  We offer a PayPal payment option too.  

Can I now auto-renew my services with Easily?

 We will be offering auto-renewals or manual payments in Easily for all services. Easily will give you the option to auto renew the domain(s)/service(s) upon expiry, this will be withdrawn directly from PayPal or your bank account rather than holding the credit within your Easily account.