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Customer reviews drive buying behavior

Potential customers rely heavily on online reviews before making a major purchase decision. Positive reviews get more attention and result in more sales. Negative reviews can damage a business reputation.

Reviews promoter

An all-in-one solution to optimize your online visibility through customer reviews and social media content.

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  • Request reviews via text or email
  • Share reviews to website & social media in real time
  • Respond to reviews, posts & comments from one dashboard
  • Schedule social media posts across multiple platforms
  • Post unique, engaging content that appeals to specific demographics using Reviews Promoterʼs curated content library
  • Gather competitive intelligence

Simplify review requests with Easily

Are you harnessing the power of reviews to build a network of customers that can provide positive references? Easily has an easy-to-use solution that makes requesting, capturing and responding to reviews simple.

  • Track Customer Satisfaction

    Get more customer reviews via text and email.

    Automatically have them sent to major social sites. Plus, you have the option to feature review on your website in real-time.

    Build up your review repository online.

    Monitor social activity and reviews about your business and post responses immediately all from a single dashboard.

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  • Track Customer Satisfaction

    Create, schedule, and monitor social media posts for multiple social accounts all in one place.

    Leverage our AI engine to automatically create and schedule social posts.

    Enjoy access to one dashboard that gets it all done: gathers reviews, posts content & lets you respond to customer comments.

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  • Monitor Competitors

    Gather competitor intelligence by monitoring what customers say about your competitors.

    Use that information to build competitive offerings and promotions.

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